What is Web5? Jack Dorsey comes out with Web5 (Web3 Killer?) | Ali Solanki

What is Web5? Jack Dorsey comes out with Web5 (Web3 Killer?) | Ali Solanki

Jack Dorsey's Web5 is coming. What is Web5 and is it web3 killer? Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey has plans to come out with a completely decentralised web5 platform. Web4 is nowhere to be seen at this point but Web5 will be a mix of Web2 and Web3. It will be completely decentralised and anonymous.

Web5 promises:
1. Users will own their data.
2. Identity will be in user's control.

💎 Blockchain (web3) developer roadmap: https://youtu.be/VDFsUCXpMCk

00:00 Background
00:52 web1, web2, web3
02:16 What is Web 5.0?

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