How to earn MONEY during QUARANTINE

Ali Solanki
4 min readJun 3, 2020


I have given the whole summary in this video

Investing in Stock Market

I have explained about stock market investing for the beginners while showing my Investment Portfolio

If you have been following me on Instagram you already know that a huge part of my income is from investing in the stock market.

You can start by investing a minimal amount in the stock market and see your net worth grow over time.

If you want to know about the various requirements and how you can start investing in the stock market while still being in quarantine check out this video: How I Earned Money During Quarantine.

I have explained the process in detail while also showing my total investment portfolio.


What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is basically you working for yourself rather than a company and providing your expertise and services to others in exchange for money. So in the freelancing world there is no fixed salary.

Freelancing can get you a lot of money if you are consistent with it. Now for growing in the Freelancing world you need two things consistency mixed with excellent Customer Service.

How to start with Freelancing?

You can begin with freelancing on various online freelancing websites like, and upwork. Just register yourselves on those websites and start posting about your services there.

If let’s say you are a web developer, you can offer to make websites for your clients or if you’re a graphic designer or good at making logos you can even offer your services in that sector.

Get a work from home Internship

There are various websites that will help you get work from home Internships even if you are a college kid or have no skills whatsoever. The main thing that matters is your willingness to learn and provide value to the company.

Once the company sees that you’re a passionate young guy who later can become a valuable asset to their firm then they won’t hesitate to hire you as an intern and even teach you the skills while paying you the stipend as well. But yes it is always better to first develop some basic skills that the company can start utilizing right away.

This will also help you gain experience in your preferred industry. It will also add up in your CV which will help you get better jobs. Also it is a great way to build connections in your preferred industry.

I personally got my first internship through Internshala. You can check that website out if you’re interested.

Online Consultation Services

If you’re good at something or have a ton of knowledge about a particular topic you can start to guide people who are struggling in those sectors. For starters try offering your service for free or at a very minimal cost and over time as your personal brand value keeps increasing you’ll see a surge in demand for people wanting your consultation. At which point you can even make a business out of it.

But remember you should first become an expert within the topics you are giving consultation about. Without the proper knowledge you might even harm the interests of your customers which will result in your customers not coming back to you and you starting to have a bad name in the market.

Become an Online Tutor

Now there are various platforms on which you can start with Online Tutoring. But earning through them is quite difficult and you need a lot of time for it. So instead you can start with contacting the people you already know and telling them that you are about to start with online tutoring.

First pick your niche and the topics that you are quite comfortable in teaching. It can even be as simple as teaching English as a subject. After this mark your target audience and get as much details about them as possible. What is their age? Where do they stay? Which social media do they use most often? The more the details the better.

Blogging / Start YouTube Channel

Now this is one particular stream that you should only pursue if you actually like doing it. Because the income from blogging or even a YouTube channel is quite less in the beginning. On top of it YouTube doesn’t even monetize the channels having less than 1000 subs or having less than 4000 watch hours.

And trust me getting your first 1000 subscribers will be one of the toughest things you’ve ever done. Also on that note please do subscribe to my channel it motivates me to put out more content for you all.

But once the income starts you will soon realize that it even has the potential to become your full time job. So keep it as a hobby start, with blogging first make a website of your own. If you want you can even ping me on my Instagram or write a comment down below I will personally make a website for you. So that you can start blogging right away.

Affiliate Marketing

My amazon affiliate link: It is the affiliate link of amazon. If you buy any product from amazon through that link I will get a commission based on the product you buy.

You can start with affiliate marketing for almost any website. Just go to the home page of such E-Commerce websites and scroll down to the footer area. There you will find a link to the affiliate program.

Register on it and you will become the official affiliate of that website. You will be provided with a link and you can share this link with your friends and family. If they buy anything from the website through your link you will get a commission based on the product they buy.

Now when I was talking about blogging or starting a Youtube channel I mentioned that you won’t start earning through your blogs or videos right away through ads. However you can always place these affiliate links even if you have less than 1000 subs and start earning from affiliate marketing instead.

How to earn MONEY during QUARANTINE | Ali Solanki