How to Create an Entire NFT Collection (10,000+) with 3 Steps by a Programmer

How to Create an Entire NFT Collection (10,000+) with 3 Steps by a Programmer

With these 3 steps you can create an entire NFT Collection no coding required. This is the easiest way in which you can create 10,000+ NFTs with no coding experience required. This is a tutorial on creating NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens by Ali Solanki.

Let me take you on a journey of The Stripes NFT which will be launched on 8th November, 2021. This is an independent project that I will be working on and taking to the moon. So join with me on the journey of creating future with NFTs.
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The 3 steps are:
1. Installing Dependencies
2. Forking Github Code
3. Generating NFTs with Layers

Terminal commands:
i. brew install pkg-config cairo pango libpng jpeg giflib librsvg
ii. npm i canvas
iii. node index.js

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