Best Mobile Apps 2021 | Crypto | Finance | Productivity (Not Sponsored)

Best Mobile Apps 2021 | Crypto | Finance | Productivity (Not Sponsored)

Best Mobile Apps in crypto, finance, productivity and much more. Apps that I use to boost productivity and plan my tasks. Study apps for students, to do list apps, must have mobile Apps, planner apps, apps to earn money and crypto investments, best apps for android and much more. These apps are divided in 4 main categories: Finance, Crypto, Utility and Study and Work. These are some of the best apps from each of the categories that every college student must use. These apps are recommended for every college student to use by Ali Solanki.

The apps in this video are:
• Groww
• Upstox/Zerodha
• Cred
• Smallcase

• Coinswitch Kuber/Wazir X
• Coinbase/Binance
• Meta Mask

Study and Work:
• Duolingo
• Google Tasks/Keep Notes
• Udemy

• Brave browser
• Adobe Scan
• Easy voice recorder/Screen Recorder

Telegram community for all the students:

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Ali Solanki

Ali Solanki

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