10 Day Solidity Programming Challenge | Blockchain Development | Ethereum | Ali Solanki

Ali Solanki

Solidity Programming Language Course by Metaschool to learn from scratch in 10 days and become an expert. Get an NFT after completion. Learn blockchain development and Solidity Programming from scratch. Learn Ethereum development. Presented by Ali Solanki.

10 day Solidity programming language tutorial | Blockchain Development | Ethereum

🔮 10 days of Solidity: https://metaschool.so/courses/10-days-of-solidity

🔮 Metaschool: https://bit.ly/3y1gTQP
🔮 Writing your first Hello World contract in Solidity COURSE (Metaschool): https://bit.ly/3ONPA3h
🔮 Launch your own epic NFT marketplace COURSE (Metaschool): https://bit.ly/3HY29qE


🍉 Basics of Crypto and Blockchain Course: https://courses.alisolanki.com/s/store/courses/description/Basics-of-Crypto-and-Blockchain

Discord community for all students: https://discord.gg/MAgUqf7vFk
Telegram community for all the students: https://t.me/studentsamaj

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All my links: https://alisolanki.com


🚀 Building a Crypto Venture Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwXSCBuwy1Qt92DyIcV7Da_vCseAOj9gJ
🚀 All my YouTube Shorts: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwXSCBuwy1Qst2GoC5sIMJ5XXhiokENp1

🍓 How to create a Cryptocurrency in 5 simple steps: https://youtu.be/U-zaRyxTOxo
🍓 How to create and sell NFTs in 3 simple steps: https://youtu.be/tozB8wRglno
🍓 Blockchain Developer Roadmap: https://youtu.be/XM6-QT7VMKw


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All the videos on this channel are for educational purposes only and I'm not a financial advisor.

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